Contested Wills Are On the Rise

In this day and age, divorces are very common, and so are remarriages, thus increasing the likelihood of family conflicts and contested wills. The increase of re-marriages has caused for there to be an entanglement of asset distribution when formulating wills. People who have remarried for the second or third time often times exclude previous children from their first marriage, leaving all to their latest current spouse and children. Other times they leave all or some of the estate to their first spouse and children, causing the latest spouse to dispute the distribution of assets. Ex-spouses and children from different marriages dispute wills when they feel assets have been wrongly distributed. This is referred to as a contested will.

There are no indications that the rise of contested wills will decrease. It is critical that a person strongly consider to whom their estate will go to and execute their desires in legal will with the guidance of a probate attorney.

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