Austin Attorney Offers “Divorce Resorts”

Austin-based attorney, Daryl Weismann, has established an alternate way for troubled couples to divorce; a divorce resort. Weismann, who went through her own divorce in 2011, sought to make divorcing from one’s spouse easier, more-relaxed and overall fun after she attended the Divorce Hotel in the Netherlands, where couples can separate from their spouse after a three day, $3,300 stay. At Weismann’s divorce resort, couples:

  • Mutually decide where to vacation
  • Must sign an agreement stating that the two will leave with a divorce settlement
  • Have the option to never have to encounter or spend time with each other
  • Are offered mediation by Weismann during the stay

Weismann states that if any time during the proceedings the couple needs time to themselves, the locale is theirs to enjoy. On the third day, the couple must leave with a legally binding document.

However, Weismann’s plan has not been met with universal praise. One such critic is Jonathan Saenz, the president of Texas Values, an organization promoting Judeo-Christian family values within the state. Saenz argues that not all divorces are quick or painless and that the best way to settle one is through proper litigation.

Weismann asserts that her plan, although not for everyone, is gaining fervor from such other states as Washington and Virginia.

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