After 3 Months, “The Jeffersons” Star Sherman Hemsley Still Not Buried

It has been a long and drawn out dispute between Sherman Hemsley’s business partner and alleged brother. Flora Enchinton, Hemsley’s good friend, sole beneficiary and self-proclaimed business partner and Richard Thornton, claiming to be the late actor’s brother, have been battling over Hemsley’s estate since the actor’s death in July. Thornton filed a civil suit not long after Hemsley’s death disputing the validity of the actor’s will, despite Hemsley having finalized it a month prior to his death as well as claiming to be an only child. The two are arguing over who receives what and are even disputing the cause of the actor’s death.

Probate Court Judge Patricia Chew has ordered Thornton to undergo a DNA test to determine his right to any ownership of the late actor’s estate, valued at $50,000. Reverend Michael George Wells has also joined the fray, claiming to be Hemsley’s cousin on the actor’s mother’s side. Wells has vowed to fight to obtain whatever he deems legal to be his. Judge Chew has ordered for a trial to determine the fate of Hemsley’s estate as well as his final resting place for October 31st.

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