Family Law FAQs

The legalities of family law can sometimes turn complex, confusing all parties involved. We work hard in informing our clients with detailed information that provides substantial insight so that you make a decision that best suits you.

Our divorce attorneys in McAllen are prepared to answer any of your questions concerning any family law issues. Contact us to learn more about what we can do to help you.

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It is reported that 50% of marriages in America end in divorce and such predominance has prompted multiple questions to arise regarding assets, custody and alimony. We understand divorce is not easy, but knowing a little more about it can eliminate some of the confusion.

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Divorce in Texas

Texas laws pertaining to divorce are unique. Distinct from most other states, the divorce laws in Texas abide by a different set of rules because of its “no fault” status. Learn more about how divorce in Texas works.

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Annulments are tricky, since your marriage must qualify under specific grounds to be granted one. Oftentimes spouses confuse divorce with an annulment, however both are completely distinct from one another.

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Collaborative Law

The goal of collaboration during a divorce is to approach an end result with civility. Communication is a 4-way street in divorce cases whereby both spouses and their attorneys negotiate to reach a settlement agreement. Learn if collaborative law will work for your divorce.

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Child Custody

In divorce, spouses who have children find themselves focusing very deeply on child custody options. Our family law attorneys know child custody is a sensitive topic that raises a multitude of questions in parents, so we have provided detailed FAQs for your convenience.

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Child Support

Each parent is responsible for the wellbeing of their child or children. And money plays a big role. If you are considering divorce, learn about child support now so that you are prepared when the time comes to file.

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Visitation Rights

Seeing your child after divorce may very well be the highlight of your week. Therefore it is critical that you acquire definitive visitation rights. To prepare and learn more, view the listed FAQs.

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Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Targeting your best interests in a divorce case requires the precise attention of an expert divorce attorney, equipped with elite negotiation skills to fight for what you deserve and need. Don’t settle for online DIY divorce services. Acquire personalized legal representation from our trusted divorce attorneys.

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An unfaithful spouse can single-handedly destroy his or her marriage in an instant. Adultery is popularly considered one of the top five reasons for divorce. Know where you stand if your spouse has cheated on you.

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Property Division

In Texas, both spouses are entitled to an equal portion of their combined estate, known as community property. Property division is a touchy subject in divorce, as both spouses wish to acquire their rightful portion. Read specific answers to your questions for a better understanding.

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