Texas: At-Fault and No-Fault Divorces

Texas is known for being a “no fault state.” This is because a couple who opts for divorce does not have to resort to accusations to be granted a divorce. In Texas, claiming that your marriage has become insupportable is sufficient grounds for a divorce. However, other states require proof of allegations from the spouse making accusations regarding adultery or... Read More

Seven Grounds for Divorce in Texas

Divorce is a difficult situation for any couple. After arguments or disagreements, a couple may decide to end their marriage. Another couple may end their marriage based on infidelity or physical abuse. Specific grounds for divorce are stated to gain an advantage in a contested divorce, whether it be for custodial rights or the altering of monetary distribution. Seven There... Read More

Differences Between a Divorce and an Annulment

Ending a marriage, whether by divorce or annulment requires that all rules and regulations are followed according to each state’s law. Consulting a divorce attorney for legal advice concerning the differences is favorable so that all legal procedures are executed and both parties know exactly what is to occur regarding their preferred court procedure. Both an annulment and a divorce... Read More

Emotional Stress During Divorce

Every person involved in a divorce undergoes a certain amount of emotional stress during the process. Men, women, and children alike suffer from the altering situations that divorce brings forth. For those divorces that are unpleasant, the emotional rollercoaster has a tendency to harshly affect the mental and physical well being of an individual. Helpful Tips Taking the divorce process... Read More

Don’t Let Divorce Ruin Your Credit

Unfortunately, getting a divorce can affect your credit. When you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse agreed to share financial responsibility by having combined accounts or property, and either both or one of you took out loans, credit problems for both parties are to be expected. Having no knowledge of the fact that your spouse increased his or her debt amount by... Read More

Using Mediation As A Divorce Medium

Usually divorce attorneys are the people who take care of your divorce affairs and manage the process in court. However, today couples opt for a divorce mediator. As much as divorce mediation can be an easier way to settle the divorce, there are still documents that will require specialized experience and knowledge. The attorneys from Barrera, Sanchez & Associates will... Read More

Three Tips to Save Money During a Divorce

Going through a divorce can be financially straining. Additionally, it can definitely affect your physical and emotional health as well as take a toll on your time. There are many ways to save money without having to hire the most affordable attorney. The selection of a reliable professional will get you the legal representation necessary for your divorce. For more... Read More

Why Hire A Divorce Attorney?

When a couple has been married for a short amount of time, and they decided to get a divorce, the process could be fairly smooth because they haven’t accumulated a lot of marital assets. It is usually the couples that have been together for a long time who experience more disagreements. Regardless of whether both parties are in accordance with... Read More

Property Division

When someone goes through a divorce, both parties are put under vast amount of pressure to set aside their differences and settle any property matters, and division of their other assets. One of those decisions that is the hardest to resolve is property division. Homes are usually the biggest asset in the marriage. Should the couple not agree on the... Read More

The Process of Getting Divorced

Divorce can be one of the most challenging and emotional challenging situations one can be found in. Additionally, there are many other things to consider regarding, property division, alimony or, if there are any children involved, child support. Let us help you make the process easier for you. Contact the McAllen divorce attorneys from Barrera, Sanchez & Associates at 956-287-7555.... Read More