Preparing to Meet with a Probate Lawyer

Before going to meet with a probate lawyer, it is important to have the necessary documents at hand. To help speed the process, it is helpful to take documents that will help your attorney understand the estate, and your debt.

The skilled probate attorneys at Barerra, Sanchez and Associates, P.C., in McAllen, can help you organize your documents and get the probate process started.

Here are some documents to take with you when you meet with a lawyer.

  • Copies of probate court documents.
  • Copies of living trust documents.
  • Last will and testament, the original document if it has not been filed.
  • Contact information for all beneficiaries along with addresses.
  • Deeds to property, or copies of deeds, owned by the deceases person.

Bringing some of these documents will keep the process shorter. The probate attorneys at Barerra, Sanchez and Associates, P.C. in McAllen are always ready to answer any probate questions you may have. Contact us at 956-287-7555.

It’s Never Too Soon To Prepare a Will

Wills are typically thought of as documents that can wait until later in life. It’s easy to forget the possibilities of what may happen when you don’t make a will. There are many reasons preparing a will earlier in life is recommended. To speak with an attorney who is experienced in preparing wills, contact Barerra, Sanchez and Associates, P.C. in McAllen.

Waiting until later could be detrimental to you and your loved ones. There are many reasons why it is risky to wait. Wills include all the property you have accumulated over the course of your life. Beginning to prepare one early will help you include everything. Wills can be revised to include more, or less, as you get older. Unexpected accidents happen, and if something were to happen to you, it would make it impossible for you to change or create a will. This would leave your property’s fate in probate court. Prevent this from happening by preparing a will sooner than later.

Begin estate planning today, and prepare your will with a skillful McAllen probate lawyer at Barerra, Sanchez and Associates, P.C. Call today at 956-287-7555. We will help guide you through these legal processes.

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