A Peaceful Resolution: Avoiding Conflict During Child Custody Proceedings

Sharing child custody with a former spouse isn’t easy. Between coordinating who has the child or children during a certain holiday, shuffling house schedules and trying to figure out next week’s plans, the process can be challenging to say the least. When both parents work together, cooperate and are respectful of one another, however, children are more likely to transition into a plan that works for everyone. At Barrera, Sanchez & Associates, P.C., we offer services that can help your child custody, child visitation and conservatorship needs.
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Be Civil and Respectful

Many divorces result from strained emotions and anger, but keep in mind not to express these feelings when your children are present. Remember, they love their other parent just as much as they love you. By speaking ill of your former spouse, your children’s feelings can be hurt. Even worse, your views on a former spouse can be adopted by your children, leading them to think similarly of their mother or father. Always think twice before saying something you might regret later.

It’s Not About You

While the technicalities about a divorce may be about you, the custody process is all about your children. The thing about divorces is that most people (especially parents) usually only think about themselves, which is understandable. Many times, though, they forget about their children who are also hurting and have needs that should be addressed. When co-parenting, the thing to remember is that time with your children is not something to win in a courtroom, but moments to be cherished.

Bad Spouses Aren’t Always Bad Parents

A divorce can bring up heated emotions when thinking of your spouse. However, remember that even if you two rarely see eye-to-eye and tensions are high, it’s unfair to associate him/her with being a bad parent, especially if evidence suggesting this doesn’t exist. Remember, your spouse, no matter how you feel about him/her, loves your children just as much as you do and wants nothing more than for them to be happy during this difficult time.

Finding Ways to Communicate

For the sake of your children, you’ll need to find a way to communicate reasonably and effectively with your former spouse. There are an incredible amount of ways to communicate in today’s world that can help you both keep in touch. This can include texting or email if you and your spouse aren’t on good terms with each other. This way, you can stay up-to-date with your kids’ needs, such as keeping track of their medications, sports practices or homework assignments.

Conflicts Always Bring Problems

Parenting as a married couple can be a struggle and not the easiest thing to do. Now imagine doing that following a divorce. Try to keep conflicts at bay with your former spouse when discussing co-parenting. Like we mentioned earlier, this is about your kids, not you. When disagreements do happen, consider if a conflict will be worth arguing over. If you two have a difference of opinion about certain aspects regarding parenting, then consider settling them with our help.

Choose Us to Help You

Custody arrangements are not something that should be sped through or handled without an attorney. As children grow up, these arrangements need to be revised to ensure that they’re still working in their interests. At Barrera, Sanchez & Associates, P.C., we can help guide you through the difficult process of getting the time you deserve with your children. Contact us in McAllen today to schedule your consultation!

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