A Brief Overview of Civil Law

Civil law is concerned with resolving disputes between individuals and organizations. The intent is to arrive at peaceful resolutions for the best outcome possible for both parties. The plaintiff is granted compensation, typically money, for damages once the court settles the dispute. Areas covered in civil law range from the probate of wills to product liability. Civil law differentiates from criminal law, which involves direct punishment for wrong doings, rather than seeking an orderly resolution. When disputes cannot be resolved outside of court, it is referred to as civil litigation.

Areas of Civil Law

Civil law can encompass a multitude of areas, whereby civil law attorneys are sought out for legal guidance. The following are some examples:

  • Divorce cases and child custody
  • Probate of contested wills and trusts
  • Intellectual property (IP)– Trademarks, copyrights, patents
  • Worker’s compensation- Insurance coverage provided by a company to a worker for injuries on the job
  • Personal Injury- Injury to a person’s body, or injury causing mental or emotional distress
  • Libel– Defamation of a person, business, organization, etc. by use of words or pictures
  • Medical malpractice- Negligence in part of doctors, other healthcare professionals or hospital causing injury or death to the patient

Civil Litigation

When lawsuits go sour, they end up in court. This is referred to as civil litigation, a formal judicial process. Civil litigation attorneys, known as litigators, are a fundamental source for optimal outcomes in federal, state and local courts. Therefore hiring an experienced litigator is imperative. Litigation can go on for months or years, especially if the lawsuit is severely complex concerning the investigation process and settlement amongst other aspects.

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