Family Law

The deterioration of a marriage entails sensitive family law issues that can lead to fierce disputes between couples. Divorce is a difficult situation, especially when accusations of adultery or domestic violence and battles over child custody and property are involved.

The importance of gaining legal insight is critical to the outcome of your family law case. It is critical that you learn about your individual rights and to construct a legal strategy that will help protect your interests. Our McAllen divorce lawyers specialize in multiple family law practice areas, therefore are highly experienced in competently handling even the most complex legal matters.

The law firm of Barrera, Sanchez & Assoc., P.C. maintains a high level of commitment to help you gain the upper hand. We provide extensive attention to detail to ensure that your best interests are served. Our aim is to provide you with the mot comprehensive legal care by professionals who know how to get the results you expect when you need it most.

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