Contested Divorce

Disputes over property division, child custody, debt allocation, and other aspects of divorce can result in a contested divorce. Unlike an uncontested divorce, contested divorce can result in higher legal fees, prolonged litigation, and multiple court appearances, intensifying tension and stress for both parties.

Both spouses will be required to attend an injunction hearing where the judge orders each party to be temporarily responsible for legal matters such as child support, use of assets, and alimony. Both parties must abide by the judge’s orders until mediation is arranged. Mediation is utilized as a meeting ground to conclusively resolve all legal matters.

However vital peaceful negotiations are during a divorce, the inability to comply makes for a complex dissolution of a marriage. Simplify a contested divorce with the legal guidance of our trusted McAllen divorce lawyers who help you and your spouse come to an agreement. Avoid a long court battle with expert legal representation.

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