Sharing is Not Always Caring: How Sharing Housework Can Lead to Divorce

In 2012, a study by Norwegian author Thomas Hansen concluded that married couples who tend to share housework equally are nearly 50% more likely to divorce. The cause, according to Hansen, tended to be resultant less of cause-and-effect and more of what he calls “modern attitudes”; that is, the way they split the housework and their overall view of marriage as being less sacred and more value-driven. Hansen also discovered that in these modern relationships, the woman tended to be more educated with a lucrative salary, making her less dependent on her husband’s paycheck.

The study also found that if couples split their housework, there actually tended to be more open communication and less conflict had they shared the work. For example, if the couple shares the housework, it is more likely that they will quarrel due to invading each other’s space. If the wife notices that the husband is not performing his duties to her liking, conflict will arise and vice versa. Another quarrel that could result is if one spouse feels the other is not pulling their own weight and may be slacking. By splitting the housework, the couple has their own space, can work at their own pace, and can perform the duties that they feel they are best at.

According to Mr. Hansen’s research, when each spouse performs duties that are traditionally customary to what society has established, such as the husband doing yard work with the wife working in the house, for example, squabbles were less resultant and the couple tended to be happy, overall.

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