Study on Marriage: Spouses Lose the Spark After Just Three and a Half Years

As the saying goes, the honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever. Unfortunately, for the majority of couples, this saying proves to be true - the ‘I love you’s’ seldom spoken, the kisses seldom given. In addition to the loss of emotional support, couples enter a dangerous comfort zone: sweatpants for daily attire; makeup reserved for special, if any, occasions; the toilet... Read More

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Linked To Rising Marital Discord/Divorce

Two years after the infamous Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan, which occurred after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, experts are beginning to see a correlation between the disaster and marital strains within couples residing in the area. According to Noriko Kubota, clinical psychology professor at Iwaki Meisei University, the incident has led to a phenomenon known as “atomic divorce”.... Read More

Study Shows Heavy Drinking Linked To Divorce

A study to be published in the May 2013 edition of the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research will highlight the likelihood of heavy drinking leading to divorce. The study will detail the probability of a married couple’s chances of divorcing in relation to whether the wife, husband or both are heavy drinkers. The study, conducted by Fartein Torvik and Ellinor... Read More

Wife Posts Domestic Abuse Photos Online, Is Granted A Divorce

Kim Lee has been granted a divorce by a Beijing court after posting photos of abuse at the hands of her husband online. Lee posted the graphic photos on her microblog in 2011 after her husband, entrepreneur Li Yang, assaulted her and left her with bruised knees, a bruised forehead and a bleeding ear. The incident sparked an outcry in... Read More

Austin Attorney Offers “Divorce Resorts”

Austin-based attorney, Daryl Weismann, has established an alternate way for troubled couples to divorce; a divorce resort. Weismann, who went through her own divorce in 2011, sought to make divorcing from one’s spouse easier, more-relaxed and overall fun after she attended the Divorce Hotel in the Netherlands, where couples can separate from their spouse after a three day, $3,300 stay.... Read More

Website Promoting Infidelity Sees Post-Christmas Surge, a U.K.-based website which provides marital affairs for unhappy married men and women, saw a large surge in registration following the Christmas holiday. The site reported on Thursday, December 27th, that over 16,000 new accounts were registered, quadruple the average sign-up rate. According to the site, unfaithfulness and divorce skyrocket following Christmas compared to any other time of the... Read More

Deceased Woman’s Will Allegedly Influenced By Police Officer

James Ritzo, attorney for the late Geraldine Webber, has motioned for a Portsmouth, N.H. judge to determine whether Webber was of sound mind and free from influence at the time of her endorsing a new will naming Detective Aaron Goodwin as her co-executor. According to paperwork Ritzo filed to the probate court, Goodwin met Webber in November of 2010 after... Read More

Man Accused of Killing Mother May Benefit from Her Estate

Brett Bednarz, who has been accused of murdering his mother and two others on Thanksgiving of 2010, stands to possibly receive interest from his mother’s estate. Bednarz’s mother, Beverly Therrien, possessed no will upon her death. According to state law, her possessions are to be evenly distributed amongst her children. The possessions include two houses and currency. However, if Bednarz... Read More

Sesame Street Discusses Divorce for the First Time

In the 43 years the famed children’s show Sesame Street has been on the air, it has decided to tackle a very sensitive subject that nearly one million children experience every year; divorce. The series has released an online episode in which the character Abby Cadabby reveals her parents are divorced. The move has garnered almost overwhelming positivity. This is... Read More

Israel Grants Same-Sex Divorce for Couples Before Same-Sex Marriage

A Tel Aviv court has granted the very first divorce for a same-sex couple, a move many have declared ironic due to Israel not performing same-sex marriages. Lawmaker Uzi Even and his partner of 23 years, Amit Kama, are the first same-sex couple to have been granted a divorce in the Jewish state. Although same-sex marriages are performed in the... Read More