UK Lawyer: Wives’ Drinking Problems Responsible for Divorce

Surprising statistics suggest women --not men-- who struggle with alcohol are responsible for drinking their marriage away, according to Attorney Amanda McAllister of the United Kingdom. Men who seek her legal expertise, claim their wives’ alcoholic tendencies are the culprit. She has seen “these cases [rise] by 70 percent in the last five years.” Normally when a man opts for... Read More

Study: Rocky Marital Road Ahead for Daily Commuters

According to a Swedish study, commuting increases the risk of divorce by up to 40 percent. The stress of 45 minute to 2-hour commutes test couples to the extreme and, eventually, drives them apart. Couples may attempt to adapt to the situation within the first few years of commuting but the strain weighs heavy, persuading couples to make that dreadful... Read More

Is It The End Of The No-Fault Divorce?

It might be in Iowa. Iowa legislators are pushing for the obliteration of the no-fault divorce, forcing married couples with children under the age of 18 to remain married. Their reasoning: Children will be spared the emotional struggles of divorce. Opposers argue against it, claiming children suffer because of their parent’s inability to remain civil during the divorce process, not... Read More

Childhood Scars Result in Adulthood Divorce

“We’re staying together for the kids.” It is a dreadful statement; equivalent to dragging a chain and ball. A recent study suggests staying in it for the kids is a bad idea if loud, angry arguments are to resume. As it turns out, eternal conflict in the home during childhood is the cause for divorce in adulthood. Researchers at Montclair State... Read More

Vow of Silence

It seems as though couples leave one vow unspoken at the altar, the vow of silence. Reports suggest that communication failure is the leading cause for divorce in the United States. Poor communication distances spouses from one another, causing tension and strain in a marriage. Divorced couples admit to allowing their egos to get in the way of expressing their... Read More

Divorced Blogger’s #1Rule: Get an Attorney

Among the many, Amy Koko is a middle-aged woman who experienced the heartbreak of infidelity. After learning her husband of 27 years was replacing her with a 30-year-old Swiss pastry chef, she took to blogging, advising women on what not to do when your husband has decided to leave you. However, she also lists things to do. Her No.1 rule:... Read More

Marital Inconvenience: The Two-Income Trap

Today’s recession has induced a national financial collapse, forcing unhappily married couples to honor their union. Reports are revealing what is called the two-income trap, an unfortunate phenomenon, preventing couples from filing for divorce. Spouses, essentially, rely on one another financially. They admit it is much easier to survive economically hard times with the advantage of two incomes versus one.... Read More

Money: The Root Of All Evil

The economic recession is proving challenging to married couples who cannot seem to keep their head above water. Drowning in a sea of financial problems, couples are opting for divorce during hard times. Experts claim divorce rates will only increase during the recession, as couples struggle to remain unified beyond the fights and reproaches. People say money is the root... Read More

Silver Separation: Divorces Among Elderly An Epidemic

The 21st century is the age of Generation X independence. Elders who choose to divorce no longer feel ashamed in doing so as opposed to the generation of their parents. At the age of 60, baby boomers are finding solace and peace in asserting their right to live happily, leaving their spouse of 20 or 40 years to embark on... Read More

Spring Deception

The angst of discovering the children you believed yours is unfathomable to any parent. Unfortunately, this spring, Richard Rodwell, a U.K. native, learned he had been a victim of adultery and deceit. Helen Rodwell, his wife during the birth of both children, had, unbeknownst to Richard, engaged in multiple extramarital affairs during their marriage, producing two children from two different... Read More